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news archive
27/10 - 2007 by Jakob Gath

Finally, I got a blog uploaded, which was the easy part thanks to WordPress. The hard part was to get my equations supported, since LaTeX apparently is not supported by our server host – so thanks to John Forkosh for providing mimetex.

I have just finished my first blog entry, which is about rearranging the classical radiosity equation so the linear system has symmetric and positive definite system matrix. A symmetric positive definite matrix can be Cholesky decomposed, which enables the system to be solved with an arbitrary emission configuration using backsubstitution. This way the radiosity algorithm gets extremely stable numerically and faster than other traditionally matrix solvers. Be sure to check it out it is actually quite neat!

In the time to come I will try and post various thoughts in the subjects of physics, mathematics, and computer graphics regularly, which I hope people will gain some motivation and benefits from.

A Phase of the Moon
29/9 - 2007 by Jakob Gath

Wow, extremely nice year that went past. But it is time to write something! Everybody here at Blacksmith Studios is now working on several different projects - primarily, I would like to announce the project that Soren Dreijer is currently working on - be sure to check it out at www.lanbridger.com. The name really speaks for itself - you can bridge LAN's over the Internet, which makes it possible to, among other things, work remotely and play games such as Dungeon Keeper over the Internet (how awesome is that!).

In the past year, I have played with different techniques in game development to increase lighting realism. I am currently working on an innovative real-time global illumination solution, where every available flop are bled dry both in the multi-core CPU and the GPU! Always have to play with the physical description of light. However, all these small research projects kind of invited the idea of starting a blog where some words about projects, pictures, and maybe small demos could be posted.

Late Summer Fluorescence
31/8 - 2006 by Jakob Gath

A late summer update has arrived (late summer - at least on our side of the planet.)

This time we present an article on how to introduce fluorescence to the radiative transfer equation and how to model it using photon mapping.
This extends the well-known global illumination method to include energy transfer from one wavelength to all others.

The article also presents a new method for evaluating the radiance estimate used in the photon mapping technique, based upon the strength of Fourier series. Enjoy!

The article was originally a final project for the course Appearance Modeling with the instructor Henrik Wann Jensen.

Updated Article
28/3 - 2006 by Søren Dreijer

The Bump Mapping Using CG article has been updated and has now reached its 3rd edition.

Job Opening
22/3 - 2006 by Søren Dreijer

Blacksmith Studios is currently looking for a talented programmer specializing in cryptography.
You will be in charge of incorporating encryption and security in our upcoming VPN solution.

If you're interested and want to know more about the opening, please write to:

Serious Bug in WinAmp Remotely 2.0
28/9 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

A fatal bug in WinAmp Remotely 2.0 has been discovered which made the client update itself every time it was launched. This has been corrected in version 2.1.

Thanks go out to Benjamin Christensen!

WinAmp Remotely has reached version 2
1/8 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

So, finally took the time to get this baby moved up to version 2.
Worth mentioning is a Welcome Wizard, an integrated folder sharing mechanism, an auto-updater and numerous bug fixes.

And now that we're at it I should probably also mention that an updated version of the Derivation of the Tangent Space Matrix article is in the offing.

Job Openings
29/3 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

BlackSmith Studios is currently looking for 2D and 3D artists to join the The Madness Within team which is currently working on our upcoming adventure title.

If you're interested and want to know more about the job openings, please write to:

Winamp Remotely Updated
20/3 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

WinAmp Remotely 1.4 has been released and contains a bunch of bugfixes and a few additions.

On another note, we're currently in the process of updating the Derivation of the Tangent Space Matrix article.
Huge thanks go out to the people providing constructive feedback!

Job Opening
15/3 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

BlackSmith Studios is currently looking for a 3D artist to join the The Madness Within team which is currently working on BlackSmith Studios' upcoming adventure title.

If you're interested and want to know more about the job opening, please write to:

Updated Site and Articles
2/3 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

The past weeks we've spent quite some time preparing for a sitewide update which have resulted in a completely new layout for the entire site.

Furthermore we've taken the time to update the bump mapping article to correct quite a few mistakes and elaborate on a few matters.

As something completely new we've added a new article titled Derivation of the Tangent Space Matrix which discusses just what the title says..

Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Port of Bump Mapping Article to Delphi
26/2 - 2005 by Søren Dreijer

Maarten Kronberger has posted a Delphi port of the bump mapping tutorial at the following site:

You can find the original version here:

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