Welcome to Blacksmith Studios

Blacksmith Studios is a group of developers focusing on graphics and game developing.
Occassionally, we happen to spend time on other type of applications too. This site is
dedicated to showing off our work to the general public.

We are all amateurs with the passion to create and take development
to higher levels through profound research and dedication.

« WinAmp Remotely - Version 2.1 (NEW!) » Author: Halloko
Control the basic features of WinAmp remotely
Useful if you're at a LAN party and only one guy has access to a set of speakers.

« Monopoly for Java » Author: Halloko
A project done for university implementing the basic features in an ordinary Monopoly game (using Java) Screenshots

« Art Browser » Author: Halloko
Makes downloading, uploading and browsing of images for your project as easy as never before Screenshots

« Telnet Router » Author: Halloko
Add/delete NAT entries from your router easily Screenshots

« cs_confrontation » Author: Zuixide
Small, funny map for Counter-Strike... Scored 4/5 stars at CS-World Screenshots

« High School Fly-through » Author: Halloko
A short movie showing a part of my old high-school modeled in 3D Studio Max.
Features the soundtrack from 3DMark2000

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